Sunday, February 7, 2010

You only notice when it goes wrong!

It's strange(but true) that we often don't think about things until they go wrong - the water coming out of the tap, the the car starting, oh and being able to walk.  Yes, I have hurt my foot.  Whilst running to get fit I have actually injured myself.  This would not happen if I laid on the sofa all day eating chocloate and made no effort so it is doubly annoying.  Apparently my Nike running shoes are the culprit (I can't show you a picture as they have gone down the shoot into the basement bin).  As a result I have to wear these for the next month - every day!

Yes, every day.  They are NOT elegant or pretty and as a result it's pretty difficult getting dressed in the morning.  I mean what do these things go with other than yoga pants or running gear.  Oh well.  As a result of this ugliness I gave in to this
large bar:

Not good.  But I also cooked these which are healthy and delicious

They are so easy - just cut the peaches in half, sprinkle with cinnamon, golden sugar, a knob of butter and roast for 10 minutes at 220.  The kids love them and so do I.

There has been studying  - child development theories, and it's actually an advantage having kids.  The issue is I want to try all these experiments on them and or course it's not really appropriate.  So just as well I was also looking at ethics this week.  How do we get consent from children?  Can their parents really give consent on their behalf an so on and so on.  I watched a clip of "child of our time" and actually they are discussing pretty personal issues - children's home life, academic ability, interpersonal skills etc and I wonder how the subjects will feel when they reach 20 and look back at the footage, or how the camera's influence them as they grow up.  Food for thought.  I love the programme though, it's fascinating, especially as the children where all born the same year as Annie.

And there has been knitting - maybe I'll have something to show you next time.

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Poshyarns said...

Yikes, exercise induced injury, not good at all. Now the peaches and chocolate look like just the remedy.