Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got to get those a good vibrations a happening

But I'm not.  Feeling a little lost.  Daughter number 1 on first overnight school trip - didn't give her a great big kiss and hug as she got on the bus because it was all so rushed.  Can't stop thinking about her now.  She's very independent and she'll be fine - but I feel bereft.

DH is also away in the good old US of A and although he's due back, it feels like he's been away a long time.  On the plus side, Emily has kept me busy - throwing balls, reading homework (her not me), reading her library book (me not her), picking up buttons with chopsticks and then a lovely candle lit bath which we both had to get into.  Talk about making the most of the time she has with me whilst big sister is away.  Then, to top it off she gave birth to her doll and proceeded to breast feed it on the sofa whilst watching Masterchef Goes Large.

Not one stitch knitted today (yet).  Have college work to do and must, must, must priotitize work.  I keep looking at the knitting and it's waving back at me.  But no, I will stay strong (except for the bag of cheese and onion crisps I just ate - and I was being so good!)

Perhaps listening to the Beach Boys will bring it back - off to find my surf board.

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