Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obsessed? Me?

So I've become obsessed with knitting a snuggly, cabled sweater of some kind. Not so strange you may think but remember I live in Singapore - it's hot and humid. Okay - I am going skiing at Easter and that's what got me started.

I saw this on net-a-porter.

It's cashmere Donna Karan. I likey.  I want, but not at over a thousand pounds.  Mmmm. So I have decided that this Norah Gaughin Cowl Pullover is close enough - sort of.  So I spent ages looking at all the Jade Sapphire Cashmere 8 ply but just couldn't justify the price when I am supposed to be on a yarn diet.  I do have enough of the aforementioned yarn in Lupine but I want the sweater to be cream - so....I am going to go with natural coloured Malabrigo Worsted - feel ok about it as if I mess it up (you have to cut your knitting) at least it won't be on expensive cashmere yarn.

And then I got obsessed with this and I have some yarn in my stash that would probably fit the bill - also cream.  I am only going skiing for two weeks and I want to make two sweaters! I guess it makes a change from wraps, shawls and cardigans to wear in the aircon.

Studying is about to resume so knitting time will be shorter - bummer. As much as I love studying, knitting would win hands down in a fight.

Have spent the morning watching watching "Swallows and Amazon's" with daughter number one.  Such a lovely film - makes you want to eat cake and drink ginger beer.  But who calls their daughter "Titty"?  I guess it's short for Letitia, maybe.

Off to make lemonade or jam sandwiches.

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marit said...

Both choices look great! Good luck:-), and have fun skiing.