Monday, September 13, 2010

The Prodigal Returns

Well, it has been quite some time.  An interesting and eventful time - unfortunately not all positive.  However, as with all challenging times I'll look back on it in the future and it will be a funny story.  A least I hope so.

I was getting over the foot debacle.  I got used to the shoes and then moved on to pretty ones again. Just as I was able to start exercising again I went for a romantic weekend with the DH.  It was not romantic because I fell on a wet bathroom floor on the first evening (Friday) and hurt my right hand.  You should know at this point that people sometimes describe me as stoic. My hand hurt, a lot.  It was swollen. But I didn't want to spoil the weekend. So I waited until Sunday morning and... my metatarsal was fractured. Not only that but it wouldn't stay out in a cast. So.....

Yes, it did hurt.  It's a long saga.  I had to wear a compression glove - part Michael Jackson part Freddie Kruger.  I had this pin out under local anesthetic with a pair of pliers
Guy's, this thing is the size of a masonry nail.  You could hang a picture with it!  So no driving for 9 weeks, no knitting for 11 weeks and even now only in slow motion and a limited number of rows.

Now remember, knitting is what keeps me sane. No knitting, no driving, lots of drugs, no able to dress myself, write, use a knife.  I was going INSANE.  Things are improving. There has been a little knitting.  The kids are still alive (I have managed not to strangle them in my frustration - there were some close calls though!).  I can exercise again.  Life is slowly getting better.  I still have occupational therapy twice a week and probably have to have steroid injections into my hand next week, but after 17 weeks I can see some improvement.

I even managed to make something
Something easy on big needles.

And I have almost completed this, at long last

What have I learned?  That I am not a very patient person but that the word STOIC is a very good description of me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How can a pair of shoes have so much impact?

You know the shoes in the last post - the ugly trainers?  They are taking over my life.  What clothing goes with trainers other than workout pants and a tee?  The answer really is none.

I have thought I should just wear what I would normally and pretend I haven't noticed my feet - try and disassociate myself from them, if you will.  But I know, I just know, that as soon as I looked in the mirror it would look wrong and I would need to change.  Those school mums can be a judgemental lot and if you saw the effort some of them make you would wonder whether they have their own personal Gok in their homes.  So it looks like it's going to have ot be gym clothes - a casual, I've just come from the gym, am too busy to worry about what I wear look.  In my head ....yes, on my body....could do to work out to look better in my workout clothes - but of course can't because of my foot.

Mmmmm.  Someone did suggest jeans with the trainers - but it's just so 80's.  I'll just have to spend my time looking ahead and not down (at my trainers).  Only another 3 weeks to last out.

I think I need chocolate.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

You only notice when it goes wrong!

It's strange(but true) that we often don't think about things until they go wrong - the water coming out of the tap, the the car starting, oh and being able to walk.  Yes, I have hurt my foot.  Whilst running to get fit I have actually injured myself.  This would not happen if I laid on the sofa all day eating chocloate and made no effort so it is doubly annoying.  Apparently my Nike running shoes are the culprit (I can't show you a picture as they have gone down the shoot into the basement bin).  As a result I have to wear these for the next month - every day!

Yes, every day.  They are NOT elegant or pretty and as a result it's pretty difficult getting dressed in the morning.  I mean what do these things go with other than yoga pants or running gear.  Oh well.  As a result of this ugliness I gave in to this
large bar:

Not good.  But I also cooked these which are healthy and delicious

They are so easy - just cut the peaches in half, sprinkle with cinnamon, golden sugar, a knob of butter and roast for 10 minutes at 220.  The kids love them and so do I.

There has been studying  - child development theories, and it's actually an advantage having kids.  The issue is I want to try all these experiments on them and or course it's not really appropriate.  So just as well I was also looking at ethics this week.  How do we get consent from children?  Can their parents really give consent on their behalf an so on and so on.  I watched a clip of "child of our time" and actually they are discussing pretty personal issues - children's home life, academic ability, interpersonal skills etc and I wonder how the subjects will feel when they reach 20 and look back at the footage, or how the camera's influence them as they grow up.  Food for thought.  I love the programme though, it's fascinating, especially as the children where all born the same year as Annie.

And there has been knitting - maybe I'll have something to show you next time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got to get those a good vibrations a happening

But I'm not.  Feeling a little lost.  Daughter number 1 on first overnight school trip - didn't give her a great big kiss and hug as she got on the bus because it was all so rushed.  Can't stop thinking about her now.  She's very independent and she'll be fine - but I feel bereft.

DH is also away in the good old US of A and although he's due back, it feels like he's been away a long time.  On the plus side, Emily has kept me busy - throwing balls, reading homework (her not me), reading her library book (me not her), picking up buttons with chopsticks and then a lovely candle lit bath which we both had to get into.  Talk about making the most of the time she has with me whilst big sister is away.  Then, to top it off she gave birth to her doll and proceeded to breast feed it on the sofa whilst watching Masterchef Goes Large.

Not one stitch knitted today (yet).  Have college work to do and must, must, must priotitize work.  I keep looking at the knitting and it's waving back at me.  But no, I will stay strong (except for the bag of cheese and onion crisps I just ate - and I was being so good!)

Perhaps listening to the Beach Boys will bring it back - off to find my surf board.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obsessed? Me?

So I've become obsessed with knitting a snuggly, cabled sweater of some kind. Not so strange you may think but remember I live in Singapore - it's hot and humid. Okay - I am going skiing at Easter and that's what got me started.

I saw this on net-a-porter.

It's cashmere Donna Karan. I likey.  I want, but not at over a thousand pounds.  Mmmm. So I have decided that this Norah Gaughin Cowl Pullover is close enough - sort of.  So I spent ages looking at all the Jade Sapphire Cashmere 8 ply but just couldn't justify the price when I am supposed to be on a yarn diet.  I do have enough of the aforementioned yarn in Lupine but I want the sweater to be cream - so....I am going to go with natural coloured Malabrigo Worsted - feel ok about it as if I mess it up (you have to cut your knitting) at least it won't be on expensive cashmere yarn.

And then I got obsessed with this and I have some yarn in my stash that would probably fit the bill - also cream.  I am only going skiing for two weeks and I want to make two sweaters! I guess it makes a change from wraps, shawls and cardigans to wear in the aircon.

Studying is about to resume so knitting time will be shorter - bummer. As much as I love studying, knitting would win hands down in a fight.

Have spent the morning watching watching "Swallows and Amazon's" with daughter number one.  Such a lovely film - makes you want to eat cake and drink ginger beer.  But who calls their daughter "Titty"?  I guess it's short for Letitia, maybe.

Off to make lemonade or jam sandwiches.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just enjoy the show

Yes, that Lenka song the show. Do you know it? She reminds me of Bjork and it's upbeat and fun. The kids and I just can't stop singing it - we've even stopped playing it and stuck to Beethoven's Wig - but no - it keeps coming at us. Makes me want to dance.

Professional boxing is back in Singapore after a 40 year hiatus and as a boxing virgin I decided I needed to go and find out how bad it was. I was fascinated by the way the boxers looked they try to differentiate themselves with strange haircuts and tattoos. I wanted to be appalled by the boxing, but actually I wasn't - it was even exciting at times - I know it's not pc but there it is. I had fun - hang head in humiliation for admitting it.

Anyway, also did some knitting. I have had some Rowan Bamboo Soft in my stash for so long it was starting to pain me. So I cast on the Debbie Bliss pleated wrap. OMG, I love the squidginess of this yarn. I want to hold it all day and do nothing else - I knit up a ball and a half in one day I love it so much. Then I noticed at Jimmy Bean it looks discontinuedb ut at Laughing Hens it doesn't look discontinued at all. I love it so much, was worried it would be my last chance to use it - so I ordered tons of it to make sure if it is discontinued I have some in stock. Remember how long it took me to use the first I have lots more coming to make.....I have no idea (and yarn diet out of the window but I did think it as discontinued).

I also finished my Cedar Shawlette scarf - which is very pretty. The yarn smells - not unpleasant but it does smell - well, a bit like the sea I think.

My new course books arrived last week - so off to do some studying - Child Development - scared I will find out all the things I have done wrong :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010

It's a time for resolutions and making new starts. So here I am blogging again. I'm still knitting, about to start studying again and making headway at getting fit, Now I just need to remeber how to load photos and I can show you what I've been up to....