Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just enjoy the show

Yes, that Lenka song the show. Do you know it? She reminds me of Bjork and it's upbeat and fun. The kids and I just can't stop singing it - we've even stopped playing it and stuck to Beethoven's Wig - but no - it keeps coming at us. Makes me want to dance.

Professional boxing is back in Singapore after a 40 year hiatus and as a boxing virgin I decided I needed to go and find out how bad it was. I was fascinated by the way the boxers looked they try to differentiate themselves with strange haircuts and tattoos. I wanted to be appalled by the boxing, but actually I wasn't - it was even exciting at times - I know it's not pc but there it is. I had fun - hang head in humiliation for admitting it.

Anyway, also did some knitting. I have had some Rowan Bamboo Soft in my stash for so long it was starting to pain me. So I cast on the Debbie Bliss pleated wrap. OMG, I love the squidginess of this yarn. I want to hold it all day and do nothing else - I knit up a ball and a half in one day I love it so much. Then I noticed at Jimmy Bean it looks discontinuedb ut at Laughing Hens it doesn't look discontinued at all. I love it so much, was worried it would be my last chance to use it - so I ordered tons of it to make sure if it is discontinued I have some in stock. Remember how long it took me to use the first I have lots more coming to make.....I have no idea (and yarn diet out of the window but I did think it as discontinued).

I also finished my Cedar Shawlette scarf - which is very pretty. The yarn smells - not unpleasant but it does smell - well, a bit like the sea I think.

My new course books arrived last week - so off to do some studying - Child Development - scared I will find out all the things I have done wrong :)

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marit said...

There's another Lenka-song on the radio here, rather addictive too...LOL!