Monday, February 8, 2010

How can a pair of shoes have so much impact?

You know the shoes in the last post - the ugly trainers?  They are taking over my life.  What clothing goes with trainers other than workout pants and a tee?  The answer really is none.

I have thought I should just wear what I would normally and pretend I haven't noticed my feet - try and disassociate myself from them, if you will.  But I know, I just know, that as soon as I looked in the mirror it would look wrong and I would need to change.  Those school mums can be a judgemental lot and if you saw the effort some of them make you would wonder whether they have their own personal Gok in their homes.  So it looks like it's going to have ot be gym clothes - a casual, I've just come from the gym, am too busy to worry about what I wear look.  In my head ....yes, on my body....could do to work out to look better in my workout clothes - but of course can't because of my foot.

Mmmmm.  Someone did suggest jeans with the trainers - but it's just so 80's.  I'll just have to spend my time looking ahead and not down (at my trainers).  Only another 3 weeks to last out.

I think I need chocolate.

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marit said...

Definitely chocolate! And maybe wear a pair of cotton pants- type cargo? Anyway- hope your foot mends like it should!
Oh, and I'd be happy to send you some of our snow, or cold- it's -4C,or 23F, today...and snowing...