Monday, September 13, 2010

The Prodigal Returns

Well, it has been quite some time.  An interesting and eventful time - unfortunately not all positive.  However, as with all challenging times I'll look back on it in the future and it will be a funny story.  A least I hope so.

I was getting over the foot debacle.  I got used to the shoes and then moved on to pretty ones again. Just as I was able to start exercising again I went for a romantic weekend with the DH.  It was not romantic because I fell on a wet bathroom floor on the first evening (Friday) and hurt my right hand.  You should know at this point that people sometimes describe me as stoic. My hand hurt, a lot.  It was swollen. But I didn't want to spoil the weekend. So I waited until Sunday morning and... my metatarsal was fractured. Not only that but it wouldn't stay out in a cast. So.....

Yes, it did hurt.  It's a long saga.  I had to wear a compression glove - part Michael Jackson part Freddie Kruger.  I had this pin out under local anesthetic with a pair of pliers
Guy's, this thing is the size of a masonry nail.  You could hang a picture with it!  So no driving for 9 weeks, no knitting for 11 weeks and even now only in slow motion and a limited number of rows.

Now remember, knitting is what keeps me sane. No knitting, no driving, lots of drugs, no able to dress myself, write, use a knife.  I was going INSANE.  Things are improving. There has been a little knitting.  The kids are still alive (I have managed not to strangle them in my frustration - there were some close calls though!).  I can exercise again.  Life is slowly getting better.  I still have occupational therapy twice a week and probably have to have steroid injections into my hand next week, but after 17 weeks I can see some improvement.

I even managed to make something
Something easy on big needles.

And I have almost completed this, at long last

What have I learned?  That I am not a very patient person but that the word STOIC is a very good description of me.

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marit said...

Oh dear! That looks nasty! So glad you're on the mend:-)