Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learnings from a tiring week

1. Spending an entire weekend at school whilst your 4 year old has rehearsals and 3 ballet performances is tiring but worth it. ( I like this blurry picture)

2. Big sisters need praising when they accept that this weekend is all about their little sister and not them.

3. Eric Erikson and James Marcia had some interesting things to say about developing our identities - but my question is - ow fluid are our identities and what makes us have crises a different lie stages?

4. Sick husbands who moan are irritating. Saying they are sick of being ill makes me sick. So there!

5. Knitting is what keeps me sane - not just big projects but little projects too. In fact I've discovered this week that I really like little projects sometimes - a quick finished object makes me happy.

6. People think you're a control freak if you have Christmas shopping and some wrapping done already. I don't care though - I may be a control freak but you won't catch me running around at the last minute trying to find the "perfect (quick) gift" and panicking.

7. Writing an assignment for the first time in 12 years is scary and the cause of much procrastination.

And my question of the week:
Am I a bad parent because I'm looking forward to my oldest being away at Brownie Camp for the weekend?

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