Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's all about priorities

And mine should be in this order:

Are they in this order? No not really. BUT THEY SHOULD BE. And where does parenting fit in?

Next week is half term and so I need to get on top of studying and be ahead as I won't have much time next week. I'm only doing one unit and heavens knows it shouldn't be that difficult.

So. I will now study for the 1.5 hours I have left this morning before yoga (hot yoga - very good), then if I ush home I will half an hour for lunch. I may get the "fetching" handwarmers finished(only 3 rows and the thumb to do) after Emily's homework before Annie gets in from school. Then I have to immediately go to parent teachers conference for Annie. She is currently having "attitude" issues - so that will be interesting. When I get home I will have dinner with the kids - get them into bed and then STUDY. I will not knit. I will not knit - I will STUDY.

The thing is - I have picked up "Glad" again and I want to finish it. Hopefully it will look like the book

but I also need to finish "shrunken" cardy thing which I suddenly love less that I did a couple of weeks ago
I don't know why I feel like that - I had a green phase - maybe it's over but I haven't finished knitting it yet, so it can't be.

Notice I should be STUDYING, instead I'm blogging!

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