Monday, May 18, 2009

Life happened

and time flew. I'm on my last assignment for this unit and the deadline is Wednesday, I am just starting. I should have written it two weeks ago but since coming back from skiing life has been a whirl - and not always in a positive way.

DH has been ill with kidney stones and has been very male about it (I am in excruciating pain but will go work and pretend I am okay - then will collapse in a heap and need looking after when I get home). After 10 days this has become very tiring as has the lack of sleep. He eventually falls asleep just as I have to get up to get the kids ready for school.

I think it's just about testing my commitment to my studies. If anything is testing it - then this last month is definitely it. So I must write the assignment - and I have an exam - the first in at least 20 years - on the 15th June. Then I am going to sleep for at least the rest of that week.

But of course, I have been knitting - but an crap at taking pictures of it all. Socks for the girls, from Koigu, my first ever socks. I got one knit on the plane on the way to Vancouver and the other completed within another couple of days. This sock knitting is addictive - small, portable and so quick if you are making them for small people. This colour - how perfect.

Then I made a pair for kind of trainer socks for myself in this Lornas Laces

I've never used superwash wool before and after the koigu it feels hard and sweaty - I don't think I'd use it again. The kids like how it looks but after the Koigu they don't think it feels the same and want more of what they have.

Now remember, I live in Singapore, so wool socks are not a requirement and actually pretty inappropriate - well according to my kids they need wool socks to keep their feet warm in the airconditioning, especially at night - so they need more - NOW!

I have also been knitting with Rowan Kidsilk Haze - a Precious in grey, a Labryinth in Violetta and I have another sweater on Kidsilk Aura on the go at the moment. My stash has some much KSH and Koigu that I could be knitting in just those two yarns for the next 5 years.

And Emily was five today. Five, so hard to believe. She thinks she's too young to learn to knit - wants to wait until she is a bit older, like 6 or 7. I am so looking forward to it. Annie can now knit and purl so is going to have a go at a Knitted Babe - good for her. We ordered the wool and whilst she's laid up next week (Tonsils and adenoids out next Wednesday) she wants to make a start. Being surrounded by the stuff is obviously rubbing off.

Well, have just successfully procrastinated for another 20 minutes - must go and write the other 1400 words of my 1500 assignment. Wish me luck


marit said...

Happy Birthday to Emily, although a bit late...

I've tried Koigu only once, and thought it was too good to use for socks, so I made mittens and hats. Lovely yarn! How fun that the girls appreciate good yarns!

Good luck with your assignment- you're brave! My sister the nurse has been in school for almost two years now,training to be a healthcare nurse, it has been busy with a full time job, a farmer husband and three daughters! But she stuck with it, and it's only the final left- then she'll be done!

Take care.

Jackie said...

happy belated birthday to dear emily. Happy 5 !