Monday, December 22, 2008

And then it was Christmas

It was November the last time I looked, and now it's Christmas. Gosh time flies when your having life.

My mum is here and whilst we promised we'd keep our routines, it just hasn't happened. I feel guilty disappearing to yoga when I've spent part of the day studying. It's not her, she is always very understanding - it's me. I feel pressure even though none is applied.

There has been knitting, presents, finishing a pig for Emily and making a hat to replace the one mum loaned out and never got back. But the meditative quality it normally imbues me with is lost when there are other people talking and I can't just switch off - I sound like I'm moaning moaning moaning - I am and I'm not. It's just different.

I guess if I can get my latest assignment done whilst I have both kids home for holidays, one of them ill and have my mum here I'm doing okay. I have submitted it today. I am so enjoying studying. It's opened up lots of interesting things I haven't ever thought about, and is filtering into my discussions with my other half and the kids - like evolution and whether they teach it at Annie's school as fact ot not.

Got to go - number 2 daughter wants to sleep in my bed again!

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